Grounded Self-Awareness

Breathing and meditation alone don’t change your life, they often become an escape mechanism.  Your issues are waiting for you when you come back. This can create a bipolar state with dramatic highs and lows of emotion. Our practical self-awareness approach keeps you balanced.

Reset your system

Shifting your brain and body’s default settings will enhance your personal relationships and every aspect of your life. Learn simple, practical tools to turn down the volume on cortisol and adrenalin, creating a coherent flow of energy through your body and nervous system.

Accessible and Practical

We provide short (5-25 minute) practical breathing and awareness exercises backed by science and tailored for use within the everyday flow of work, family and relationships. Learn techniques to break the chains of emotional reactivity, creating mental clarity and bringing a depth of presence to all that you do.

30,000k hours condensed

Max has clocked up 30,000 hours of breath work over 27 years of practice so that you don’t have to. You receive the benefit of all his trial and error, now distilled into the most easy and effective exercises. Enactivate breath work is tailored to be accessible to all, delivering real changes in a short span of time.

Parenting is

Your children are not listening to what you are telling them to do. They are sub-consciously reacting to your mental and emotional baseline, which is your unique electromagnetic signature. Only by changing that signature can you change the way your children and others respond to you.

Avoid the spirituality trap

Combining short self-observation methods with breathing exercises avoids the unpractical and bipolar side effects of spirituality. Rather than giving you a temporary escape from your responsibilities, our breath work and self-awareness system helps you bring more quality into every element of your daily reality.

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