Enactivate Course I



Balancing the nervous system

Enactivate course I is an online course to help you balance your autonomic nervous system and reset your mental and emotional baselines, using practical techniques grounded in neurobiology and physiology.
After enrolling you will have unlimited access to the course through this site for a period of 6 months, allowing you to fully comprehend, digest and review the content.
For a limited time Max will provide a 30 minute private Q & A session for everyone who completes the course.

In this course learn about:

• The autonomic nervous system and how can we tap into it

• The key brainwaves, how to identify them and shift between them

• The physiology of breathing and how to maximize it

• Breathing exercises to shift your mental and emotional states effectively

• Basic brain physiology, your conscious and subconscious thought regions and how they interact

• Self-observation techniques, how to identify your triggers and respond differently to them

• How to reprogram your subconscious limiting thought patterns

• Practical strategies for bringing this knowledge into your daily routine

• Creating a personal schedule that is realistic for you to integrate and implement the course content

Part 1 – Mental and emotional baseline

Part 2 – Brainwaves

Part 3 – Self-observation: the foundation for change

Part 4 – Reprogramming your brain


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